Learn How to Teach a Dog to Shake His Paw

It looks good when your dog welcomes your guests too. It not only fills you with pride but also lets you socialize on a next level. Consequently, it has become very easy for a pet owner how to teach a dog to shake. However, teaching an animal is not an easy task. It requires not only specific information but also certain qualities from a trainer. The training period duration may be different in the case of each dog. Therefore, it cannot be suggested that how much time you have to spare from your schedule.

Had a lot of information available about the training dogs not been available on the internet, training dogs would have been a hard nut to crack. The related guidance has been presented in the following. It will not only involve the owner, but also members of the family, and eventually friends.

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Patience and consistency

In fact, this teaching involves some particular preconditions. The first and foremost precondition of such training is demonstrating patience and element of consistency. Any lesson should end within 10 minutes. End every training session with a positive note, even if there has been no progress at all. Do not offer such treats that will require a lot of chewing. It will save your time.

It is essential for you to build deep understanding with your dog. It can take some time, but it will help the dog to understand you better. The next step involves introducing your dog how to obey you. It will be easy for you in case you have a puppy. Nevertheless, it can be demanding in the case of an older dog. The basic training of obedience will have helped him to show steady progress. Because, a trained dog knows when to stop, sit, etc.

Learn how to teach a dog to shake with temptations

Learning how to teach a dog to shake by using temptation is the first step. It can be safely said about dogs that it is food that makes a dog go round. Treats have an important place when you are to teach your dog something. The temptation of food eases the teaching a dog to shake to a great degree. You can use it even better when you discover what food your dog relishes. It is very easy, buy a variety from the store and see what is more delicious to your dog. Fourthly, ask him to stop and sit. If he is unable to follow you, then do the following steps

  • Grab his favorite food
  • Show it to him
  • Keep it at away
  • Bring it closer to him
  • Allow him to sniff
  • But do not let him eat it
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    Reward your dog when he follows you

    Now, it is the turn of rewarding your dog when he follows you. Teach him to place his paw on your hand. Give it to him when he does so. To teach a dog to shake, make him practice several more times. Whenever he obeys you exactly, reward him with what he likes the most in his food. It will also retain his interest in learning. Also, bear in mind that you should not practice him more than five times in one session. Give him a break before starting another session.

    It is the continuous repetition of this process that will help him to remember it. You can apply this method to teach him some other tricks as well. When the dog has learnt it well, it is time to make him do without the temptation of his favorite food. Make him do it with an empty hand. If he repeats his lesson, reward him.

    When you realize that you dog is trained enough to put his paw on your hand even if there is food in your hand, it is time to move on to the next step. It involves teaching him with an open palm.

    Teaching him to obey a verbal command

    The third phase is all about teaching him to obey a verbal command. Place you open hand before him and see if he repeats what he has learnt. Extend your open hand slowly towards him. If he shakes, give him favorite food you would have kept in your pockets secretly.

    This is an important stage because it indicates the he has learnt to put his paw on your hand even if it does not see his temptation on your open hand. The next phase is about instructing him to repeat his lesson on a verbal command. It is entirely up to you when it comes to choosing the cue word. Place your open palm before his eyes and say that word, e.g., shake. Pause for a while. As soon as he places his paw on your hand, pay him in his favorite food. After some time, he will be doing it smoothly.

    This step of dog training will start another training phase. In it, you will start reducing the frequency of the rewarding. Instead of offering food every time, you will give it to him alternately. Your dog will take some time to get used to it. When you find that your dog is doing it comfortably, increase the gap by one more day.

    He will learn to shake hands without any hope of reward. Also, you can compensate the absence of food by giving him an encouraging gesture.

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    The last step of training and demonstration

    In this last stage of how to teach a dog to shake, it is time for your dog’s instinct to work. Now, he has learnt to put his paw on an extended hand when he listens to a particular word or set of words. After this, you are to foster this habit.

    Therefore, you will make your dog practice shaking hand in a noisy or distracting environment. With the passage of time, he will able to concentrate in even when there are many things going on in the background without faltering. After that, it is time to involve other members of the family. Ask them to make the pet shake hands by using the verbal order. In this phase, they or you would not need to offer food treats openly. However, the hidden treat will encourage him to shake hand. Lastly, it is time to show what you have taught to your pet.

    Before doing it make sure that your dog shakes hands every time you ask him to do so. Confirm it in a distracting situation. When your friends have gathered, ask your dog to shake hands with them.


    In summary, learning how to teach a dog to shake is not only fun but also a demonstration of your training skills. Furthermore, you can impress your kith and kin. However, it is quite challenging too. It is because it involves your time, dedication, and steadfastness on your part. You may have to spare more time than what you might have planned initially. Even, you have to spend on his favorite food.

    The steps stated in the above help you teach your dog to shake. Consequently, your dears and nears can enjoy it. It will amuse children in particular and keep gracing their faces with smile and surprise. In addition, you will learn to teach him some other tricks as well. Anyhow, the point is that all this bother is worth of this effort.